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The Womb

Welcome to the Womb, where we present news from our incubation initiatives and projects.
  • iri/e65615c82fb9b347 SCAFT: Scalable Cloud Architecture for Formal Technologies
    This initiative sets forth design, development, and evaluation of cloud based microservice/cluster infrastructure for formal technologies. Most academic endeavors in this field either do not use clusters or use them in a very rudimentary way. Commercial engines are starting to be based on cloud infrastructure where communication, dispatch, decomposition, and dispatch of formal methods are advanced. This initiative involves co-engagement from academia and industry to propose define and deploy (in public where possible) microservice/protocol based communication between formal processing components
  • iri/4c8abe2b14085305 NIPI: New Intellectual Property Instruments
    This initiative targets alternative intellectual property instruments, aimed at further enabling technologists and small organisations. Existing IP instruments are not crowd sourced and often form barriers to innovation by imposing undue legal overhead or risks in producing works, even sometimes trivial ones. Additionally, existing instruments assume a race to establish lack of prior art or even plagiarism in a world of ideas and writings which has become too complex and fast paced for any entity to truly establish such characteristics. This initiative targets these problems by proposing
  • iri/62f5ae63f5b2ed12 UTAC: User managed terms and conditions
    This project aims to ameliorate unconscionable use of terms and conditions in software, apps, and web sites. Proposals and implementations will be set forth to provide and disseminate an end-user-centric view of managing IP terms and conditions which makes end-user management more conscionable, thus easier, and thus of interest to providers of software apps, and web sites.

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