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You are a driver with interfacing yet complementary expertise in the research and development industry. You want to change the way R&D is conducted; to make it leaner, to make it more about discovery, simplicity, and attaining black-box goals and make it less about proof by intimidation, title, or some good ole boys club. You are passionate about rewarding hard work and more passionate about rewarding winning results. For you, it would be an honour to serve our team bringing about these goals.

Operations Wizard

You are passionate about making business processes run smoothly. You quickly understand and adapt to particular needs while not loosing track of the big picture.

BG Research Division Chief Scientist

You deliver game changing simple, effective results in your research domains. You have a broad education and/or experience and enough grit to question and evaluate independently even the most broadly accepted assumptions. At once, you understand the main stream well and readily catalyze synergy between R&D gals and guys.

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