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IRI France, SAS is booting under the direction of William Cotton. William has had the opportunity to engage in R&D in a wide variety of institutions and places. He found two truths everywhere.

  1. Everybody's work is better than that of everyone else.
  2. Even so, often enough, everyone is essentially doing the same thing.
Mr. Cotton attained a BA in medical anthropology from University of Pennsylvania, a MSc in Programming Logics from The Max Planck Institute for Computer Science in Saarbrucken, and a PhD in applied math from University of Grenoble. He has worked as internet startup CTO, formal verification and modelling for EDA design analysis tools, research engineer/analyst, postdoc in optimisation, library assistant, dominos pizza delivery, etc. He is proud father of 2 and enjoys self propulsion sports in the Alps around Grenoble.

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IRI France, SAS is dedicated to making our world a better place by local engagement in community activities. We support the french red cross, Aid and Action, and GEM.

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